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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

And now a word from our sponsors...

Some of you may remember my write-up of the PokerTek dealerless poker table a while back. Well, the nice folks at PokerPro decided to join up as a sponsor for this little slice of the internet, and I agreed to post their press releases from time to time. Well, now the folks at PokerTek have broken into the LA casino market, getting themselves set up with a nice little PokerPro room at the Hollywood Park Casino, so we’ll see how that goes for them.

If you recall, my general take on the tables was that they have a nice niche in the market, but wouldn’t ever totally replace dealers. They’ll be a great addition to card rooms that want to run single table satellites, or small tournaments, and after my experience at the MGM, maybe they should be created with the ability to deal mixed games, since so few dealers seem to know how to deal Razz, Stud 8 or even Omaha 8 nowadays.

For a few more well-thought-out opinions, as well as some less thought out ones, here's a current thread on 2+2.


Charlotte, N.C.June 22, 2006: PokerTek, Inc. (Nasdaq – PTEK) today announced that
Hollywood Park Casino, one of the three largest card clubs in
California, has agreed to
install an initial six PokerPro™ tables for a 90 day trial period.

After announcing in April that Hollywood Park Casino agreed to be the first location in
California to install PokerPro™ tables, this contract provides for PokerTek to initially
install six tables under a 90 day trial period, with
Hollywood Park having the ability to
install additional tables at its discretion. The agreement also provides that the 90 day trial
period will automatically be followed by twelve month renewals unless terminated by
either party in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

Lou White, Chief Executive Officer of PokerTek stated, “We are excited about this initial
installation and look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship.
Park Casino’s savvy management team and our technology will be a revolutionary union
to introduce PokerPro™ into the California Card Club market.”

In an earlier statement, Leo Chu, President and Owner of Hollywood Park Casino, said,
“The impact that this technology will have on our industry is enormous. In addition to
being more efficient, PokerPro™ allows us the ability to attract a new segment of poker
players to our casino.”

California hosts the largest concentration of poker tables in the world with approximately
1,300 poker tables operating in over 100 large card clubs, small card clubs and Native
American casinos.

About PokerTek, Inc.
PokerTek, Inc., headquartered in
Charlotte, NC, develops and markets the PokerPro™
system, an electronic poker table that provides a fully automated poker room
environment. The PokerPro™ system was developed to increase casino revenue by
increasing hands per hour, while reducing labor costs within poker rooms. PokerTek’s
Intellectual Property currently consists of twenty-six patents pending covering various
aspects of the PokerPro™ system. For more information please visit the company’s
website at or contact Becca Bernstein at 704.849.0860 x119.

About The Hollywood Park Casino

For more information and directions to the casino, please visit the company’s website at

1 comment:

DadWarbucks said...

I've been to California many times, however, only ONCE did I venture into one of their casinos.
The Hollywood Park Casino....
This was many years ago and well before thr poker craze. I played black-jack (they play to 22) (YES 22 and NOT 21).... and I also played Pai Gow Poker.
At that time, the dealer raked from every hand and did NOT participate in the betting. Just deal and rake... A most unpleasant experience.