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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Do some good, you degenerate!

That Bobby Bracelet is quite the guy. He's gone and set up a whole bunch of
new items to be auctioned. It won't stop there, either. Look for additions
like 2 tickets to Howard and Suzie Lederer's WSOP party, a signed cowboy hat
by Kenna James, Matt Savage running your home game, Greg Raymer signed a fossil
for some lucky bidder, and even more!

Oh yeah, there will be a poker table auctioned off thanks to Bluff Magazine.
It will be signed by every pro that Gavin, Spaceman, and Bluff staff can muster.
It'll also be signed by the brand spanking new WSOP Main Event Champion. Then
of course, Bobby Bracelet will be auctioning that off to one lucky bastard.
Better bring your checkbook for that one though, cause it'll go for over 10k.

Here is a rundown of the stuff you will soon find on Ebay and ready for your
bids. And by "soon" I mean later today, July 19th.

Two tickets to the Full Tilt Poker Gala Event at the WSOP! There are two
tickets available, each one is allowed to bring a guest. This is up already
and will end in 5 days because the event is July 26th. It's at Pure nightclub
in Caesar's. Check it out, make a bid, meet and marry a celebrity.


One lucky sob and a guest have a chance to attend Howard and Suzie Lederer's
(and Steve Zolotow's) 4th Annual WSOB and Karaoke Championship. Thursday July
27th, from 6pm - ??? at a restaurant off the strip. Many of the top pros will
be there, and you never know, possibly a celebrity or two. I can't think of much
that would be more entertaining than seeing somebody like Phil Hellmuth belting
out Endless love.

Gavin Smith, poker professional and all around great guy, has the tickets and
we will get the winning bidder in touch with him to ensure the tickets are in
your hand in time.

(Note: this does not mean to imply that Phil Hellmuth will be there.)
(Also: WSOB apparently stands for World Series of Beer. NICE!)

Steve Zolotow
has donated a night out at one of his favorite hangouts, a place
called Nice Guy Eddie's in New York. Dinner for two, drinks, and whatever sort
of poker conversation you'd like to have. Ask questions, listen to stories, get
some tips and pointers, or just shoot the breeze. He's a great guy that truly
enjoys conversations on a variety of topics.

Robert Mizrachi has offered a 2 Hour Lesson. This will be by phone unless by
some chance you can work out a time and place that works for him. With tourneys
and travel, chances are you'll have to settle for a phone lesson, but you never
know. Doesn't hurt to ask.

Annie Duke sent two signed copies of her book along with 3 DVD's. They were split
up into two packages. The first is the hardcover edition with the advanced secrets
DVD, while the other is the paperback version with two DVD's, one for beginners and
one for women.

Mike Krzyzewski signed a Duke hat. Bobby Bracelet tells me it has taken every
ounce of his will not to stomp it into oblivion before setting it on fire. If
you're a fan, it's a great Nike fitted hat. If you aren't, buy it for charity
and do exactly as Bobby would do in hopes it will work like voodoo on Duke's
chances next season.

There is another Card Player package like last time, only this time we have the
ability to also add a one year subscription to Card Player Magazine.

There is another Phil Hellmuth DVD package similar to last time, though it will
also be joined by a one year subscription to Card Player Magazine.

Go To For Peyton and keep in eye on these items. Should be up today.

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