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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Really, Otis, crayons?

I just watched the video of Otis eating 2 Keno crayons for $400. I'm taking suggestions for bizarro foodstuffs and monetary amounts to carry down to G-Vegas next time I go. If Otis will eat crayons for $400, imagine what TeamScottSmith would do for $50? Cause them Smith boys is crazy.

I played a little poker last night. A very little. Like 30 minutes for +$20. I'll take it. It beats the shit out of the -$300 I was for the previous two nights. I took a shot at a NL200 table on Royal Vegas, and that didn't go well. It's not that the play was one whit better than the NL25 tables on Stars, just that, like Alan Rickman said in the really bad Robin Hood flick "It's dull, you twit, it'll hurt more!" Having a guy draw out with inappropriate odds to river his 4-flush hurts more when it costs you $200 than when it costs you $25.

Speaking of hurting more - sites that have mandatory bonuses that you don't ask for and must clear before making any withdrawals can absolutely suck me. I stuck $200 in Royal Vegas to clear a PokerSavvy Bonus (I do still like those guys, Matt's taken pretty good care of me, but I'm almost out of bonuses that I can clear since I have accounts with most rooms) and they gave me a $100 instant bonus. Catch is that I have to play 1,000 hands to clear the bonus. OK, no big deal, I'll do my PokerSavvy bonus and then leave, abandoning my other $100. Nope. Not so f'n much. They've reversed my cashouts twice now, telling me I have to play their 1,000 hands before I can cash anything out. So you can pretty well believe that once I've played my other 500 hands that they can suck me and I'll yank my cash so fast it'll make their head spin. I won't be returning to Royal Vegas, to put it mildly.

The only consolation is I'm winning just a little bit on there, so it's not unprofitable to play out my requirements.

I used up my iTunes gift card last night, thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions. I'll put together a list a bit later of what I actually bought with it, so you can see which of your suggestions I took and which ones I ignored. BadBlood must prepare for disappointment, but just to prove I'm not a total musical pussy, I did buy a bunch of Metallica, since their catalog is finally available on iTunes.

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Drizztdj said...

Old school Metallica I hope.