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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Do Stupid People have to Pay more for their Tickets?

So I travel a bit. Nothing crazy, like Pauly, but enough to know the drill. When I arrive at the airport, I move all my metal stuff into my backpack, take off my jacket, take my laptop out of the bag, the whole drill. Most folks seem to be fairly clued in to the whole TSA procedure by now, even the unnecessarily invasive BS of taking off our shoes for X-rays.

So of course today I end up in line behind the dumbass who's obviously not read a newspaper in the past six years, and can't manage to read any of the signs posted around the airport.

So he gets to the metal detector and walks through still sipping on his Starbucks. And looks like he's never heard anything about anything when he's made to go back through the detector, throw away his coffee, and come through again.

By the time he makes it back to the detector, his bag has gone through X-Ray and come back to him, flagged. "Sir, do you have any gels or liquids in here?"


"They have to come out." So Doofus takes his shaving kit out and puts it in a bin.

"No sir, the stuff has to come out of any containers and go through." So Doofus takes his hair gel and hand creme out of his shaving kit and runs it through. Then he makes it through security, to be stopped once again at the other end.

"Sir is this yours?" Says security dude holding his bin of gel shit.


"You're only allowed 100 ml of liquid, and this is a 200 ml tube. You'll have to throw it away."

I manage to leave before he gets too petulant, but I do manage to glimpse his driver's license in the bin. No, not a foreign national who may not have access to CNN. Just a NC resident with no fucking clue.

Ahhh, stupid people tilt. What a way to start a trip. Al, get the SoCo ready!

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