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Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Something I learned in AC

I've known for a while that I'm not a limit poker player. I can lose a rack quicker at a $2/4 table than almost anyone I know. It really crystallized for me on this trip, though, that I am really not a limit poker player.

It was one thing when I was playing online, following four tables of $2/4 and keeping my interest that way. But I don't have the patience for live limit poker, and nowhere did I prove that more true than at the Tropicana.

I walked in to play the pink chip game, but wussed out and got on a list for a $4/8 game. I've never played as high as the pink chip game, and it looked like it was pretty rocking, so I didn't quite want to jump right in.

There was a list for $4/8, so I took a $1/2 seat while I waited. I picked up big slick early and got all in while behind on a 3-spade board holding one spade against a set. But my fourth spade came to bail me out and I was good. Then I got KK in early position and picked up another quick hundred bucks.

So I was freerolling my $200 buy-in when I sat down to play $4/8. Fortunately I was still up enough to be freerolling my $65 tournament entry when I got up a few hours later. It wasn't anything spectacular, just one speculative hand after another that didn't get there or one big hand after another that didn't hold up. No tilt, no bad beats, just mediocre play and one of my main weapons being taken away from me - pressure.

Suzy asked me last time we were in Vegas what I thought my best game was and I instantly replied "No Limit cash games." In those games I have all my tools. I can chase, I can push, I can apply pressure, I can shift gears. I can do the things that make me successful playing poker. And I just can't do that at low-limit fixed limit games. Maybe at a higher limit, but I'm too gunshy about bankroll to step up and try that.

Yeah, I know I mentioned playing $2/5 at the Borgata. Yeah I know that's a more expensive game than $5/10 or really even $10/20, but I'm kinda dumb that way. So I played a little $4/8 and decided, once again, that I'm a no limit player. Unless I want to drink and donk, then it's $2/4 all the way, baby!

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