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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tony G is a stand-up guy

In the old-school, guy on the corner that you know has your back kinda way. Here's the deal:

Tony G started up a poker site. Like many others, Tony was told by his legal folks that he can't accept wagers from US customers anymore. Tony felt bad, and tried to keep the site open for as long as possible before succumbing to the UIGEA.

So far, sounds not dissimilar to many other sites, right? Here comes the shift.

Tony realized that he was going to be cutting a bunch of people adrift and recent developments with Neteller and other payment processors was going to make it very difficult for them to get their money. So he said "transfer your account balance to me, and I'll transfer it into another poker site for you."

Tony G personally is taking responsibility for the players on his site. I know just the barest minimum of what goes on backstage at this site, and I believe with my whole beady little heart that this is genuinely Tony putting his money where his mouth is.

So if you have money on Tony G poker, you can transfer it to Tony, and he'll put it into another poker room where you can get to it. That's a stand-up guy, any way you wanna look at it.

And Wil Wheaton is a motherfucker. Pure and simple addiction-fueling MOTHERFUCKER. And since he turned Wil onto it in the first place, Absinthe is a motherfucker-by-proxy. Transmetropolitan is the absolute fucking bomb! Imagine Pauly and Otis rolled into one body with a perpetual Waffles rant going on all the time. Warren Ellis is a genius. I gotta go sign up for more freelance work so I can buy the other 8 volumes of Spider Jerusalem. If you haven't read this yet, GET THE FUCK OFF THE COUCH, BITCHES!!!

Yes, I find I swear more in the hours immediately following reading anything by Warren Ellis. It's kinda like listening to the Sex Pistols, only really, really literate Sex Pistols.


Absinthe said...

The problem with Ellis is he's staggeringly prolific. Well, that's not necessarily a problem as such, except that he works in comics and if you read fast you can cost yourself like fifty bucks an hour.

HighOnPoker said...

Interesting. I wasn't going to read Transmetropolitan because the reviews on Amazon didn't look good, but I'll give it a shot now. I read Top Ten (vol. 1, 2 and Top Ten: 49ers) at the suggestion of Wil on his blog and loved those comics. In fact, if you are interested, maybe we can just do a borrow-swap via mail. I have tons of comics, and tons of trade paper backs specifically, if you are interested.