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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Spice up the home game

So because our home game is full of tightboxes and needs more action (yeah, right!) we added something into the game that I stole and adapted from the G-Vegas boys. Last time I was down there, they had a high had jackpot running. Straight flush ten high or better wins 80% of the jackpot. 20% stays in for seed money, and it's built by taking $1 out of every pot $20 or bigger. I don't know if anybody down there has hit it yet, but it's getting to be a nice little pile of cash.

Well our game is smaller, and I didn't want to deal with rolling the jackpot over from week to week, so we do a high hand jackpot each night. No qualifier, we just set a time of night, and whoever has the highest hand by that point in the evening gets all the jackpot money. We build it by taking $.50 out of every pot that sees a flop (the equivalent of one big blind). Since it's incredibly rare that it doesn't get to the flop, it ends up being $.50/hand. All the jackpot goes to whoever has the biggest full house by that point in the night, although Phil missed it by 20 minutes last night when he caught his one-outer against Nate to crack Nate's top set with his quads. So far it's been a boat that won each week, and it ends up being $20-30, but it's kinda neat, and nobody notices the drop because it's coming out in such small increments out of every pot.

The new clay quarters made their first appearance last night, as did the 100 clay Nevada Jacks $1 chips I picked up off of If you're into poker chips and haven't spent any time there, DON'T. It gets addictive. I have more chips than I need NOW, much less what I'm gonna end up with if I spend too much more time on Chiptalk. That reminds me, I gotta go to the den and make room for the 300 chips I've got coming in next week...


BadBlood said...

Nobody's won ours yet, I think it got to over $800 this past Thursday.

We've also added another twist:

$5 Show 'em chips. You have to have purchased one before the hand starts and if there is no showdown, anybody with a chip can throw it in the pot and force the winner to show an otherwise mucked winner.

Once used, the chip goes back out of play. The $$$ collected thru this method then goes to the high-hand of the night.

TheMark won about $80 extra on Thursday.

tcsparky said...

I'm all in favor of this, and I expect to win it one night!! It is a little exciting to keep track of the high hands. You never know what it will be.

Of course, if I never win it, I'll stop likin' it.....