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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Friday, June 01, 2007

I've been remiss...

A whole week has gone by and I haven't written up last week's home game. Geez, you'd think I was busy at work and rehearsal or something. So last Friday night we had a little tourney at Casa de Falstaff, with ten players to start off the evening with a $10 rebuy madness tourney. Everyone bought in double to begin, and I promised that at some point in the first orbit I would go all-in blind.

I did, waiting until my turn in the hijack position to do so, driving out the blinds and the two limpers in front of me. Then it was on. With a ridiculous number of rebuys, led by yours truly, payouts for the little $10 tourney were $240 for first, $140 second and $90 for third. I wish I could say that I even sniffed the money, but my only interaction with cashing in the tournament was to put it all in the little box and then count it out for the winners. I didn't even pick up a single $5 bounty all tourney long. We went with 15 minute levels to get things wrapped up fairly quickly, and ran ten players down to one winner in about 2:15, with Crazy Nate prevailing over NewGuy Nick (second only to me in number of rebuys, but he used his more effectively, obviously) for the top prize. Uncle Phil pulled in a decent profit for third since he was only in for the initial double buy plus the add-on, so he did okay.

The rest of us sat on the couch licking our wounds as Nate knocked out 7 of the 9 other players en route to victory. I think Warbucks took me out, pretty standard since I seem to have Jim knock me out of tourneys pretty regularly.

Then it was time for the cash game. I went into the cash game intending to play wild for the first orbit, then tighten up and cash in on my maniac table image, netting myself a good profit on the night.

Yeah, well...maybe eventually, but first I was into my pocket for three buy-ins before I could get anything to click. The stack fluctuations are crazy in this game, and Nate stacked NewGuy Nick on the second hand when he rivered a better two pair to bust Nick's flopped top two. You'll have that with Nate. A lot. I passed a bunch of chips around the table before I eventually started to collect them back, but not before O'Neill walked out up two buyins on the night after being down to his last allocated $20 in the cash game. He played some good poker and dropped a couple good suckouts at the right time to build his stack over $200 before he left.

But at the end, by the time we got down to our typical short-handed degeneracy, with almost every chip I owned on the table, I was able to trap Nate in a few hands to finish the night up tow and a half buyins over the course of the evening, so it was fun and profitable in the long run. Tonight those same lunatics are coming over for more ridiculousness, this time cash game only, and I'll show off my new Crystal Park $1 chips (ooohh, pretty).

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