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Returning the Favor
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Friday, June 15, 2007

WPBT Trip Report Continued

Shit, I dunno, part 3 or 4, whatever. Friday.

I got up. At some point. Played more Pai Gow then lost more money playing poker. Then it got good. We got our table of mixed games going about 10:30, thanks to Gadzooks, who started a list for us and it went off shortly thereafter, at $3/6 this time 'round. More like 3/6 with blinds of 1/3/6, since the rock went immediately into play. It was a little hard figuring out how to straddle in the stud games, so we just bet blind. A lot.

In his absence, I pulled a Drizz, buying into the 3/6 game for $500 (I know, a paltry attempt at Drizzling up the table, but it was what I had on me). Turns out it was a good thing that I didn't but in for 8-10 racks, because it was less than 30 minutes later when the floor guy had to come by with a rack of reds to buy my blue chips back. The poker room was out of $1 chips! Gotta love it. So my tower of power didn't last long, but the fun was just beginning.

The table was loaded with bloggers including me, Penner, Columbo, MeanHappyGuy, Gadzooks, Bayne, PokerGnome and others, and there was one poor civilian in the 7s. He was only a pseudo-civilian, though, as he was a reader. He was brave enough to hang for a little while, to be replaced later by Civilian Gordon, who hung for the rest of the night. He asked a little later if having a CardPlayer profile written about him counted to let him drop the "civilian" title.

"Did you write it?" I asked.


"Then you're a civilian. Unless you have a blog?"

"I have MySpace."

"That's pretty gay. But do you blog on it?"


"Ok then, you're MySpace Gordon."

And he was. I was drinking FAR too much to remember any specific hands, except I remember sucking out on PokerGnome at least twice with hands that got capped preflop (SIX bets with the straddle in play, Yay Action!) in Omaha for a scoop when I played the whole hand blind. I also pushed Bayne off his hand in Razz with a J-low showing, proving that Razz is a game of playing the board. I was blind to my hole cards there, too, but Bayne had paired on 6th, so he was actually behind to my Jack. I sat for about 4 hours, and finally got up a little after 3, booking what I didn't know would be my only winning session of the trip, +$140.

That's the only time I've ever played the blogger mixed games and not lost every chip I put on the table. Admittedly, it's hard to lose $500 playing 3/6 limit (not that I didn't manage to do it at 4/8 later), but I was very pleased with my drunken profit. Of course, as with all blogger tables, the real winners were the dealers. On the way back to the Orleans, Penner admitted to being stuck about $60 for the session, and we figured it was almost certainly in tips. That was easily the most enjoyable session of the trip for me, and T enjoyed it to, when I had her play my stack while I meandered off for a while. Folks were wondering if she was Mrs. Falstaff, and she said "No, but if you're ever read his blog and seen him talk about a girl named T in his home game, that's me." A surprising number of people did recognize her from that, once again amazing me that people read this drivel.

On a different note, I think it's time for my return to serious (yeah, friggin' right) online play. Largely fueled by the kindness of the folks at Full Tilt to pay for an ad here every month and the kindness of someone to sign up for Full Tilt through one of my banners (Bonus Code Falstaff), I've actually got a little mobney on FTP for a change. $125 isn't much to start with, but I figure it's enough for a dozen or so $10 6-max SNGs, so we'll start there and see if we can make anything out of it. I'll let you know when it's all gone. Shouldn't take long.

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Gnome said...

That was a great mixed game. I think MySpace Gordon said it was the most fun he's had playing poker in a long time, and I think the same was true for most of the bloggers.