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Returning the Favor
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Monday, June 25, 2007

WHAT! Man, This Fantasy Sports Stuff is EASY

So I signed up for Fantasy Sports Live (Bonus Code Falstaff, beetches!). Not because I like baseball, or because I know fuckall about baseball, but because some of my friends created the site and I think it's a pretty cool idea once football season starts. So I signed up, picked my players for my team (based largely on whether or not I've ever heard of them in my life) and this was what I got when I logged in this morning.

This contest has ended.
You placed 1st.

Entry Fee:
Draft Method:
No Salary Cap
Number of Contestants:
6 (This contest is closed to new entries)
Guaranteed Prizes:
1st: $17
2nd: $8
Total: $25
Started At:
7:05pm 6/22/2007 EDT

ROFLMAO! I just bested people that actually know who these players ARE in a fantasy baseball game! Shit, for all I knew I coulda put Ted Williams on my team, but I picked a few players that I've heard of and a few players that are on teams that I heard don't suck, and I won! That kicks ass! It's fun, and it's a 100% friggin' LEGAL way to gamble on sports, because the doucheballs that created the UIGEA left a carveout for fantasy sports! So go sign up for Fantasy Sports Live, and use Bonus Code Falstaff!


Anonymous said...

Ken Prevo

Andrew said...

Internet Gambling needs to be legalized. It is a very large market that is not being fully tapped into. The backhanded and undemocratic way that the US Congress passed the UIGEA is enough to overturn the act, not to mention the high demand for internet gambling. I started a campaign where we need 10,000 people to show their support for online gambling. Find out more here: If this interests you, join, tell your friends and you can make a difference. Thanks