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Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My WSOP scheme

Or plan, or dream, or whatever. Here's my $.02. I think the $2,000 NLHE Shootout event is the event that an amateur has the most even field against the pros. Or maybe the $5K Heads-Up event, but I'm not paying that much, so never mind.

Let's think about this, a shootout is just a sit n' go. It's a live, progressive SNG against ostensibly better players, but it's still just a sit n' go. All you ever have to be concerned about is the players at your table. Beat those eight donkeys, and move on to eight more donkeys. There's no grand endgame scheme, it's just another SNG. And the hundreds and thousands of SNGs the average internet donkey plays in a year offsets the years of extra experience a bunch of the pros have, because even in big-field tournament play, they don't often get to experience a completely level and re-levelled field.

For the two people who read this who don't know what a shootout is - it's a series of single-table tournaments culminating in one final table. Rather than having players moved from table to table to keep things balanced as in a normal multi-table tournament, players play until only one player is left at their table, then all the players condense to new tables for another round of play. This continues until there are nine players left, and they form the final table. In this format, you NEVER have anyone starting a round or a final table with a chip lead. All players that beat their tables will have the same number of chips. So every round is a brand new tournament with a level playing field.

So my current plan (which might last long enough for me to finish this post) for WSOP dominance is to use my dribs and drabs of Full Tilt fundage to play single-table SNGs, build up my bankroll to something resembling the $2,000 entry fee, and try my luck at the Shootout next summer. If I don't play anything at all, I can save up $600 on Full Tilt by then, and if I actually manage to improve my play, it should be simple enough for me to run that monthly ad revenue up to two grand over the course of a year.

Of course I have to suck less, but that's always been the issue, hasn't it? But it gives me something to try, and a reason to actually play online poker on Full Tilt again (that bonus code is Falstaff, by the way!).

Back in rehearsals for Hamlet again this week, lost another actor, pissed me off, but I'll deal. I'm gonna step in and play the role myself, just because I'm tired of begging people to be in plays. If they don't want to work on what will be a great project, fuck 'em. I'm perfectly capable of handling the language and learning the lines, so I'll do it. T's gonna design the lights this time 'round, so I don't have to sweat that aspect of production at least.

Go back into Shrew tomorrow night for our last four performances - if you find yourself in Charlotte anytime this weekend, come by and see the show, it's funny as hell, and what's better than watching me get my ass kicked? If you're not going to be in town, click the banner on the right-hand side of the page and make a donation, Jebus will love you for it!

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