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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Saturday, August 06, 2005

10 More things

I get F'n tired trying to come up with 100 things, so they'll come in 10 at a time until I get bored with it.

11. I drink an UNGODLY amount of Mountain Dew. I should boycott Pepsi products, because I had a rich uncle who owned the Pepsi bottling plant in G-Vegas, and he never did shite for me, but I need the stuff.

12. I was just elected the Vice-President of the North Carolina Theatre Conferece, the statewide service and advocacy organization for theatre. It's pretty cool, it also means that next year I take over as President. Ahhh, the power. Mwah-hah-hah-hah. Oh yeah, it's a totally volunteer position, but it makes good resume fodder.

13. I have a stuffed black panther Beanie Baby sitting on top of my PC. I have no friggin' idea why it's here. I own it because my wife worked at a Hallmark Gold store when Beanie Babies were selling for a shitload of money, we bought a bunch of them for like $3 each, put them in a box, and forgot about them. Now they're not even worth the $3 each. Collectibles speculating requires a steady finger on the pulse of American stupidity, and I have lost my touch.

14. I did once net about $400 selling cheesy framed posters of Billy Ray Cyrus at a flea market. These things happen mostly in South Carolina, I imagine.

15. I'm going to Bradoween V in a couple weeks and I'm excited about meeting a lot of the people whose blogs I read regularly. And Daddy, who posts the most F'd up shite in the free world.

16. I just directed Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead, which means I've now directed Hamlet, I Hate Hamlet and R&G, leaving on Fortinbras to hit the Hamlet & spinoffs cycle. Not likely to happen soon, 'cause Fortinbras isn't as funny as those other shows. But funnier than Hamlet. Unless it's REALLY bad Hamlet, which can be pretty damn funny.

17. I'm fat. But working on it. At 6'1" and 32, the doctor has some stupid f'n idea that 260 is a little heavy. I told her that it wasn't looking too healthy on her 5'5" arse, either, but who was counting. So I'm on a diet, which makes me even more cranky than normal.

18. I work for a cool company called Barbizon, building and renovating theatre, TV studios and Churches. I design and install lighting and rigging systems. We've done some cool projects nationally, like MSNBC, ESPN, Boston Symphony Hall, and I've done a bunch of shite around NC that you've never heard of unless you live here. It beats digging ditches.

19. And it beats the hell out of working as a logger, which is what my dad does. He owns a small logging company in Bullock Creek. He may be the main employer actually based in Bullock Creek, since he has 4-5 people depending on the day and hangovers. I think there might be a moonshiner that has more people, but I think he's the largest industry in his town. a little sad, really.

20. I was on TV once. Last year, actually, I did a spoken word performance that was edited and run as a promo on Turner South TV. It got pretty good rotation during the Braves games. I got about a grand for it, so it was cool. And my mom saw me on TV, so she thinks I'm a real actor now. I didn't bother to tell her that most people on TV aren't real actors.

10 more later. Unless you're lucky.



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