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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Friday, August 05, 2005

So I suck at keeping to plans

Mere days after I posted my intent to stay away from the $1 SNGs at Stars, my overwhelming desire to donk off chips took control of my trackball again, and I was plunged into the nether regions of the 'net.

Okay, maybe it wasn't as bad as all that, and more like my bankroll of Stars sucks ass right now, so a $10 SNG was my entire roll, so I decided to play two $1 SNGs instead.

First one - here's the plan: use everything I'm currently gleaning from Harrington on Hold Em to play my best game, and shoot to win, not place.

Second one started about 10 minutes later with the express desire to be that guy. The uber-donk who calls cause is was sooooted. Real LAGy. Was entertaining. Lasted til the first break then the donkey caught up with me. More like got blinded into shit for chips and pushed with crap. Crap didn't rise to the top. Donkey go home.

Back to the first one, where wife says "can you come get this off the top shelf?"

"Sure honey" Clicks Sit Out Next Hand.

Dealt Pocket Aces.

Scrambles for trackball like a madman.

Triples up.

Goes upstairs to perform husbandly duties.

Not those husbandly duties you fuckin' perv. The real ones - get things off the top shelf, open jars and squish a bug.

Twenty minutes later come back to be at the final table. Finish 3rd for $7, effectively doubling my Stars BR.

Being broke sucks, but I just spent cash on a set of 500 Nexgen chips that this guy on Ebay was sellingfor $.17 each, which was the best price I could find, and he wasn't butt-raping me on the freight, which is kinda SOP for Ebay. They should be here in time for the 10th anniversary 21st Birthday Bash next Saturday!



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