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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, August 08, 2005

10 more

I'll get to 100 or someone will shoot me. Or not. Screaming into the void, as it were.

21. I don't really go to the movies. It's not my thing. I like the outing aspect, but I'd rather go to theatre.

22. I drive a purple PT Cruiser with Blue ghost Flames on the front.

23. I wish I had kept in better touch with some friends from high school. I sometimes feel a little drifty, like there aren't people (outside of family) who have known me for very long. And I guess that's true.

24. My favorite book if Pat Conroy's The Prince of Tides. I was never a jock, but I can relate a lot to the characters in that book.

25. I've never been arrested. Because I've never been caught. And aside from illegal gambling, college drug use was the worst thing I did.

26. I dropped out of graduate school after two semesters. Money and annoyance were the main factors.

27. I have shaved my entire face once in the past 13 years. And we're keeping it that way. As soon as I was able to grow a beard/goatee, I did.

28. I'm a cat person. Dogs are smelly and put their noses in your crotch. I only allow certain people to put their faces in my crotch, and no animals. Even from SC, I have my standards. They're low, but they exist.

29. I moved out of my parents' home at 19 after my 2nd year of college and have been pretty independent since then. Nothing spectacular, but that's what it is.

30. I like lemonade.

31. I have a thing for homemade peach ice cream. My grandfather owned a peach orchard (100 acres) and when I was a kid we still had a few trees. I remember sitting on the ice cream churn freezing my junk off while my sister turned the crank. Not my crank, you perv. On the churn.

32. I've never fired a handgun, but am a naturally good shot with long guns.

33. I don't own a gun now.

34. I have 3 siblings - a brother (52), a sister (49) and another brother (48). I was a post-script.

35. My oldest niece is a high school English teacher with her Master's degree. That makes me feel old.

36. I wear a big steel Superman ring, because I think Chris Reeve was a fuckin' badass. And 'cause I'm a geek.

37. I collected comic books for a long time, until I sold them all to buy Magic Cards.

38. I played Magic competitively for 2 years, then sold all my cards for a profit.

39. I never won anything.

40. I ran track my senior year of high school. The thought of a 4-mile run now makes my knees ache sitting here and I become a little queasy with just the thought.

Look - a double dose. If I actually play any fucking poker, I'll put up some poker content.

Waiting on my new Nexgen chips to arrive - should be here in time for my home tourney this weekend (in honor of my birthday).



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