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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back to the SNGs and some database crunching

So I've been wondering - if my numbers say I'm up $1400.00 for the last months, why don't I have any F'n money in my poker accounts? So the other night I sat down for some serious spreadsheeting.

I keep track of everything I play in an Excel spreadsheet. Mostly because if I'm sitting at my home PC, I want to play poker, not figure out how to use Pokertracker. Someday I'll order Iggy's Book on the subject. So my spreadsheet shows Monthly won/loss amount (July sucked) and Yearly won/loss amount (+$1,400.00 ish). But that doesn't go into where I'm winning or losing money. So I broke it down further, into $5 sit n' go's. $10 SNGs, Multi-Table Tournaments, and Home Games/Live Tourneys.

So I'm up for the year in all these categories, but here's what I figured out - Big tourneys are a boost, but since I cashed out most of those winnings and spent it on other stuff, that's not part of my bankroll. SNGs are profitable, and I should stick with them for now. Live games are seriously profitable (+500 ish for the year), so play those whenever possible. Lay off the pissant $1 SNGs, because they're a waste of time. Stay away from online ring games.

This last thing runs counter to everything I've read, seen or thought. But here's the deal - I can't handle the swings at the levels I play at. I deposit $100 every couple of weeks or so, and a couple of cold sessions at a Party Poker ring game cleans me out. My risk is better managed playing $5 and $10 sit n go tourneys, and using profits to play in low-level Multi-table tourneys. So that's the current plan - play the SNGs til my bankroll is sufficient to handle the swings at the ring games, then mix up my play. And maybe think about building a cash bankroll. But it's too easy to use the cash I win to live off of, thus not touching my other income. But I should try.

On another note - I'm thinking about uprgrading my chips. I'm thinking pretty seriously about these. Let me know what you think, if you've played with them, likes, dislikes, whatever.



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