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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Dear US(eless) Airways

Dear sir or madam that hates me when I fly. I have a couple of questions.

First, why is it that when I am in Atlantic City at a seriously juicy $2/5 NL table and find out there's a snowstorm, does your customer service line pick that moment to crash?

Why is it that when I find a friend at home with internet access they inform me that Philadelphia is listed as having no delays due to weather when in fact 50% of all flights that evening have been cancelled?

Why is it that a 70-minute direct flight that happens daily from Philadelphia (US) to Charlotte (mostly US) takes off from the very last spot on terminal A, the international terminal, which is approximately 60% of the walking distance from Philadelphia to Charlotte?

Why is it that you can manage every bag transfer for the poor bastards who were bumped from their flights onto my flight and get their luggage onto the appropriate plane, but my bag, which was to accompany me on my flight with no changes to itinerary or anything else, cannot manage to accompany me?

Why is it that there is no online method for filing a claim for my bag, which would only make sense since I have my baggage claim ticket and can certainly input the same information into an HTML form that your claims agent can input? This would certainly have led to me coming the hell home at roughly midnight, rather than at 3AM after waiting in line for three hours for something I could do myself in five minutes if you'd just set up the coding for it on your website.

So in short, US(eless) Airways, hub of my hometown, why must you suck so bad?

Thanks for eventually getting my bag back to me after only two days, but if you're gonna keep it that long, you should really wash my socks next time.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah. But how was the flight?---Unc P

tcsparky said...

Feeling slightly whiny today???