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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, March 19, 2007

HEY!!! Click Me!

If you read this through Bloglines or some other RSS reader (like I read most blogs) you won't notice the new Shakespeare Carolina Donation Banner I've got on my site. So click through and help me raise money for this show I'm doing. If enough people click through and donate, Kevin Bacon will give our theatre $10,000!

Yea, really. He's got this thing called Network for Good, where he's working to inspire grassroots philanthropy, and he's giving 6 charities ten grand a piece this spring. The deal is you put a banner on your site(s), and the six charities with the most individual donations will receive $10,000 each from Kevin's foundation. It doesn't matter how big or small your donation, $10 is a valid donation. It's the number of individuals that donate to the cause that gets us the big mobney. And we certainly appreciate any donations that you can make, too.

Here's my incentive for you guys to donate, just in case supporting great theatre and helping out a project that I really believe in isn't enough. Whoever among my readers makes the single largest donation, I will provide your buyins for a week's worth of blogger tourneys OR one buyin to Don's Blogger Big Game, your choice! That's one buy-in to the following - Mondays at the Hoy, WWdN, The Mookie and CC's Thursday Bash OR a buy-in to Don's Next Blogger Big Game. The only caveat is that the donation must exceed $100. Otherwise, I should just give the money for the tourney buyins to the charity and skip the middle step.

So please click through to my main site and down on the right-hand side of the page click the Shakespeare Carolina banner, and help me win Kevin Bacon's money!!!

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