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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hmmm...Vegas twice in one summer? Okay!

So my buddy Chris and I have been friends for better than a dozen years now, and now we're working together on Taming of the Shrew and getting Shakespeare Carolina back in the running, so we're hanging together a lot.

So we both end up in Vegas a couple times a year, but have never made the trek together, because the schedules never worked out. Until now. To celebrate the conclusion of our first summer season at Theatre Charlotte, we're gonna take a degenerates' trip to Vegas in August. Yeah, I know, six weeks after I'm there for the WPBT get-together. We'll be hanging downtown a lot this time, so look us up if you're around the first few days of August (July 30- August 2).

More rehearsal last night, after hanging with Shelley (playing Kate in the show) all day at her school doing our fight scene for her classes. Depending on the age of the students determined how far we went into the fight and whether or not we did the spanking at the end of the scene. By the time we got to the end of the day she was hoarse and I was sore, but all the teenage boys in the classes definitely want to come see her do that fight scene in a minidress and gogo boots now, so we sold some tickets.

It was fun hanging with her at the school. I started college with the intention of becoming a teacher, and sometimes think about the "what ifs" if I'd stuck with it, but frankly, I hate mornings with a flaming passion, so that whole be at work at 7AM thing was never gonna work out for me. Plus I'm a little too quick to tell people to fuck off, and that doesn't tend to endear one to administrators.

But hanging with a bunch of enthusiastic high school kids every once in a while is cool. And Shelley definitely loves her job, as does my friend Carey, who's the other drama teacher there. So it was a neat thing to hang with folks that really love and are fulfilled by what they do to pay the bills, as opposed to most of the rest of us. I like my job, but to say I love it and are fulfilled by it would be a pretty big stretch most days. Good thing I've got all my 97 extra-curricular activities, huh?

Time for food, fatboy burned some calories yesterday and if I don't replenish I could end up skinnier than F-Train by the end of the run.

Yeah, right.

Home game tonight, hopefully plenty of donors coming. I've been on a good run in my game lately, so I hope I can get through the evening without screwing it up.

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