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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A few pics for Badblood

Since he had to go and throw down the "my chips rule!" gauntlet, I'll go ahead and finally post some pics of my home game setup.

Now, there's no question that Dr. BigGuns' Custom Chipcos are very nice, and the graphics are excellent, but really, for that "real casino" feel, you just can't beat a nice set of clay chips.

Blogger's being a little bitch and won't let me post the pics here, so go here for the pics.

If you ever wondered why I love acting, go here for pics from Saturday's fight rehearsal. Yeah, she's a babe. Yeah, it's in my blocking to spank her. Yeah, there are days it's good to be me. Yeah, I'm a sicko. Live with it.


biggestron said...

Remind me -

How do you call the fighting move where you stare into your opponents ass?

BadBlood said...

The ol' clay vs. ceramic debate...

I like clays too, for sure. I think the only TRUE test is for you to bring your set to MY home game. Or vica versa. :)