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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

working, working, working

Those rehearsals after the blocking is mostly set and you're exploring character, playing with new movements and trying to learn your lines are called "working" rehearsals. That's because they're hard work. Nothing in theatre is easy, but the working rehearsals are my favorite part of the process. It's the point in the process where it's safe to experiment, because there's still enough time before opening to try something and fail without screwing up anything major. It's also the point where the cast is becoming more comfortable with the words and can actually begin to act, instead of wandering around on stage with big scripts in their hands (not that I can do much without my script yet, but hopefully soon).

So last night we ran Act I and cleaned up some trouble spots. The night before last we ran Act II twice, because it was pretty shaky and needed to have an infusion of energy into the act. The show is starting to take shape, but we're fast approaching time to build things, which is when we're gonna have to start spending money. If you're planning on donating through my little banner link and haven't yet, please go ahead and do so. We'll need to spend some cash in the next few weeks and that will pretty much deplete the resources of the company. These online donations will come in very handy for our second show.

Oh yeah - that second show. The one I'm directing. So much for taking a break from producing theatre. At least this time around not all the responsibility is on me. But Hamlet will be a helluva challenge, it always is, and I'm gonna need to dust off my directing muscles for that one. Anybody who's around NC the end of July, pop on over to see it, it should be fun.

Here's another post-rehearsal quote from the nutjobs I'm doing a show with -

"So, how many time, just a rough guess, do you think you should be dead?"


"You answered that awfully fast, you've obviously got a list somewhere."

AND one more, this is a classic -

"I missed a plane, so we drank a bunch of Robitussin..."

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