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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Oh that's not good...

Haley's got news. It sucks.


briangre said...

i'm sorry but this guy was just an idiot.. handgun... to handle the overhead of the game..

he was just asking to be picked up

Pokerwolf said...

I can't blame the guy for keeping a gun around (due to possibly being robbed), but here's what was telling for me:

In this instance, several neighboring businesses noticed the surge in late-night traffic to the site, which in turn led to the interest of authorities.

If you're going to go about doing something illegal where a large number of people will be arriving, make sure that:

a) there's more than one way for cars to get to the joint


b) that people know to park in different areas and hoof it to wherever the club is in small groups or by themselves.

DadWarbucks said...

I agree with briangre........
This was certainly NOT a friendly home game. Sounded like a casino.
FORTY ONE people... $20 grand..
He deserves what he gets.