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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Thursday, March 01, 2007

PayPerPost helps monetize your blogs

I know some of you don't care about writing for money. I know some of you are all over opportunities to make a little extra gravy from your blogs. And I know that even more of you could care less and wanna hear more about me losing money playing poker. Well, that's coming, don't worry.

But in the meantime, PayPerPost has come up with a really good blog marketing tool to help folks make a little money from their blogs, and they've got some recent site improvements to help top-flight bloggers make even more money.

The way it works is this - you go to their website, browse the list of open opportunities, write the post to fit the criteria (tone, word count, links, etc) and then let them know it's done. They review the post, make sure you met the requirements, and send you an email telling you when you'll be paid. Most posts range in price from $5 to $15. They also require that you disclose that posts are sponsored, and have a neat little HTML tag to help you do this.

The new thing is their new segmentation system, which rewards high-traffic blogs, blogs in niche areas, and blogs with high Google page rank. A quick browse through the open opportunities showed several opportunities paying out $75 - $100 for only 200-300 words. That's a pretty good deal if your site fits the criteria they're looking for.

Some sites will get excluded because some reviewers don't want Blogspot urls, some might not qualify because they're not topical, and some might not have a high enough pagerank, but it's still a good way to pick up a little extra cheddar for doing something you're doing anyway - writing a blog. This post makes the sixth sponsored post I've done, for about $75 extra cash. I like it because whenever I feel like writing a little content for cash, I sit down and bang out a post on some neat thing I saw, and they pay me directly into my PayPal account.

So check it out if you're interested in making random cash for blogging.

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