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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, March 05, 2007

Oh yeah, and computers suck

So I got my new laptop. Pretty. Smaller. Doesn't herniate a disc when I pick it up. Bonus. But getting the new lappy made me decide that I should really track down what was funky with my home network for all these months. Like the not being able to get on the internet from my old laptop kind of funky.

So I verified all my cables were working, verified that I could get internet on both computers by hooking them up directly to the cable modem, and then decided that yes, Virginia, my wireless router is dead. Back to Best Buy, no linksys this time.

So I pick up the newest, snazziest 802.11n Netgear wireless/wired router they have, and trundle back home to set it all up. I start the installation and it tells me that it should take about 20 minutes to complete.

Lying bastards.

It probably would have taken me about 20 minutes to complete if I hadn't spent nearly 90 minutes trying to remember whatever password I set up when I created the network. Oh wait, I didn't set one up. So what is this password BS they're asking for?

Oh yeah, the router comes with a default factory username and password you're supposed to put in here. Username is admin, password is password. Nice of them to write that shit down anywhere! Of course it's on the documentation CD, the one that you can't access mid-install to read! It's also on their website, which I of course now can't access because my internet connection is all blowed up until I get this fucking machine working!

But eventually I get it going, and only have to uninstall/reinstall the router twice to be able to access the internet on the laptop. Someday I have a dream that I'll actually be able to share files across my three computers, but I'm not gonna ask for two much. Right now I'm content with a thumb drive to move shit back and forth.

Not really, but I'm afraid of blowing everything up again.

Oh yeah, the new machine came preloaded with MS Vista Home Premium. Not bad. Seems like the fine folks at Microsoft are getting a little more elegant with every OS revision. I haven't gotten Office 2007 fired up yet, but that's coming soon. I only hope that documents created in Oiffce '07 will be readable on my older 'puters. Anybody know if I'm going to have to "save as" an older version?

I looked long and hard at the MacBooks before buying another Gateway, but finally decided that the cool of the Mac wasn't worth the additional $800. So now I'm all hooked up and ready to go to SETC in Atlanta this weekend, then come back for two tech rehearsal processes all next week.


Alceste said...

You will have to save as an older version. The Office 2007 file formats are a complete overhaul from 2003.

Special K said...

We'll have to play with your network to get things spiffed up. You are luck to know someone as smart as ... ? ... Brian. :)

Drizztdj said...

I got about three beers into trying to link up file sharing between my computers.

Gave up to finish the six pack instead.

briangre said...

can't read the CD in mid-install, eh? didn't you just say you had two other computers? hmm..

and they weren't lying..the install itself was probably less than 20 minutes, it was the chugging of the gray matter in your head that took so much time. :)

be happy to help if you want.

dan m said...

computers are hard.