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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, July 23, 2007


No, that's not how many pounds I still have to lose (although pretty close - I need to drop 49 to get to my goal of 190 lbs.).

That's how many miles I've pledged to ride in the 24 hours of Booty charity ride this weekend. I've bought my bike helmet, my stretchy shorts with the nut pad, and the bike gloves. I've borrowed a bike. I've raised nearly $900 for cancer research and patient support.

Now I've just got one last fundraising push to go, and then we'll be off to the races. I'd like to crack the $1,000 mark by Friday, so if you've been thinking about giving, go ahead and quit thinking and get to the donating. This is the link to my fundraising page, so go ahead and make a donation.

Oh, and I finished the new Harry Potter book. No spoilers except to say Wow. Rowling pulled out all the stops in this one, and it's much more action-packed than any of the others. A well-crafted ending.


Wheezy said...

Better late than never.

Just hooked up your fund and got you a little closer to the 1k mark. Enjoy the ride.


Bobby Bracelet

p.s. I loved you in Pearl Harbor!

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StB said...

I will definately give to see some pain.

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