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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

BJ Nemeth is the God of Geek!

UPDATE - Read BJ's comment for the explanation as to why Justin Shronk is the demi-God of Geeks with wondrous photoshopping powers!

As I'm working on my writeup for Event #51 - $10K PLO, I notice this gem among the live updates -

Patrik Antonius, the feared Black Lotus of poker

Proving, once and for all, that BJ Nemeth is a sixth sigma geek! This hilarious graphic also swiped from PokerNews (go there to read all the livest updates and stuff).
Bonus lolpoints for the Jeff Gordon quote!

1 comment:

BJ Nemeth said...

While I readily accept the label of "geek" (I can quote the original Star Wars movies rather thoroughly), I am just a supporting player in the Sacred Clan of the Black Lotus.

The nickname for Patrik Antonius was thought up in the WSOP media room during the discussion of Gary Wise's "Magic the Gathering" past. (I wasn't present at the time.)

A few people (including Justin Shronk and some Bluff guys) felt this nickname was a worthy one, and wanted to make it stick. Justin Shronk is the one who photoshopped the Magic card with Patrik Antonius. (And the Jeff Gordon quote -- I gave him props for that too.)

Shronk asked me to use the nickname during my reporting, and I agreed to do so. I felt it was especially effective when Antonius flopped the royal flush. "Don't mess with the feared Black Lotus of Poker!"

For the record, I have never played Magic the Gathering, and dislike the game on philosophical grounds. (The fact that you must spend money to buy cards to be "better" at the game -- ugh.)

However, while others push the usage of Patrik 'The Black Lotus' Antonius, I am pushing for Patrik Antonius, the Feared Black Lotus of Poker. If he were a Magic card, I think that would be a more interesting title.

So credit goes to Justin Shronk and some guys from Bluff, with only an assist from BJ Nemeth, God of the Geeks.