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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Friday, July 27, 2007

Booty Update

So somewhere around the 4" of rain and the 40 mph winds, the ride for tonight was halted for a little while. Since I was wringing quarts of water out of my socks, I came home to throw all my clothes in the dryer and I'll head back out tomorrow morning. I managed 2 laps tonight before the monsoon started, and one after it stopped raining, but the idea of riding in soaking wet bike shorts was something less than appealing, so I called it a night. I'm gonna go to bed after deciding what to do about my soaking wet shoes, and head back out in the morning for a little more riding.

There were nearly 1400 people signed up to ride in this event, and most of them were there for the start of the ride. There are a LOT of serious cyclists in this town, so lots of people in stretchy pants and clicky-clacky bike shoes. Some of whom, like me, should never be seen in public in spandex.

But it's a cool event, and I'm looking forward to seeing what I can manage tomorrow. Earlier today, I figured I could do 12 laps without any real problem, but losing hours tonight is gonna make that more difficult. I think I can still do 10 laps without much trouble, but let's see how sore I am in the AM.

Live blogging not gonna happen - I couldn't find any wifi around. You'd think on a college campus that shit would be easy, but not so much in the middle of the soccer field.

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