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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Words I never thought I'd say

But I'm proud of Waffles. He's started a second blog, which could describe me as well as him. Seems like the little bastard has decided to take some of his aggression out on his waistline for a change, and more power to him. I'm still working on it myself.

I made my next weight loss goal, which was 235 by Suzy's high school reunion. I hit 234.8 last Saturday after riding in the Booty ride, but fucked off on Sunday and piled more weight back on, so I need to get back to 235 by Thursday, which is imminently doable. I weigh in every morning, to kinda keep track of where I'm trending, and I can tell a difference in days when I wake up and feel like a big fatass.

My routine nowadays is to get up, do 30 minutes on the exercise bike, then shower and go to work. I'm doing a cup of yogurt for breakfast, then some type of Lean Cuisine-ish microwave lunch. I usually do a bag of 100-calorie microwave popcorn in the mid-afternoon, then another 300-400 calorie dinner. I'll do a pack of Lance crackers for a snack mid-evening if I need to, or maybe just a few Quaker Quakes Rice Cakes (apple cinnamon = yummy). I'm trying to keep in the 1,500 - 1,600 calorie range for my intake, and I'm making an effort to do little things during the day to be more active, like parking a bit further away from the door and walking into the other building to ask someone a question rather than IM'ing them. I feel better than I have in years, and I think under 200 lbs. by Vegas is a reachable goal. Not a particularly easy one, but a reachable one.

All my clothes are fitting me funny now, though. I can't wear my new kilt without a belt, and hopefully it won't be too long before I can't wear it at all. I think I've got another month or so before the new jeans I bought are just way too big, but I'm on the last hole in my belt now, so that might be the next thing to go. I'd like to hold off on buying new jeans until I can get my ass into a 38" waist, which would be unbelievable. I had saved enough pairs of 42" pants to have some shit to wear, but I now have a bunch of nice 44" waist pants that just are way too big. Guess they're heading to Ebay! The big test of course is that this morning, when I put on my 42s right out of the dryer, they were loose, so there is some real decrease still going on in the belly.

This was my extremely fat ass at the end of April.

This is my somewhat less fat ass at the end of July. Still a long way to go, but also some definite improvement going on. Let's see where we go from here.


Joe Speaker said...

You know what this will eventually mean, right?

You'll have to buy pants without pleats.

Schaubs said...

Keep it going. I like what you have said so far. Take the stairs, park farther, eat right. Drink lots of water and cut out bread and beer. You'll be in the 100's in time.

StB said...
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StB said...

Great job. Keep it up. But schaubs is crazy. Cut out beer???? Bread yes, but the rest is just crazy talk!!!

Drizztdj said...

I say this in the most non-gayish way possible:

You're looking great, keep it up!