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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Chasing a Loss

Wow. F-Train. Almost prescient. Almost posted this really good post in time to save me from myself.

But NOOOOOOOoooooo, he had to post it TODAY, when I'm ready to prostrate myself before the altar of good poker players and admit my idiocy of the evening.

So I went back to the scene of the crime - the card room where I had some success last week, to play the weekly $60 tourney. Let's face it, this is not a $60 tourney, it's a $130 freezeout and I just need to accept that fact, and decide if I can play that every week.

No. I cannot. But every other week, maybe.

This was not the week. I caught a whole bunch of decent preflop hands that missed, and found myself really short right before time for the addon. I took the addon, played a few hands, got moved to a different table, stole the blinds and a raise by pushing into the big stack with AJd, then ran AK into QQ, didn't improve and went busto on my third hand at the new table. It didn't help that another all-in had AK as well. Running spades woulda been nice, but QQ boated up and IGHN.

Or I should have. Instead IGCGN (I go cash game now). 1/2 NL, small stacks. Me and one other guy buy in for $100, and we're the big stacks. Doesn't help me, as I continue to get hands good enough to call a small raise with (A10s, suited connected, suited paint, shit like that) and catch a ton of second-best hands.

Now if I was a smart poker player, I'd realize that this game was gonna go five ways to almost every flop, and play tighter than a duck's ass. I also would have gotten up at 11PM when I dropped my first buyin.

But no. I did exactly what F-Train was talking about, I sat there thinking "I should totally be playing rings around these donkeys, why am I bleeding chips like a hemophiliac in a needle factory?" The only smart thing I did all night was leave 2/3 my bankroll at home, forcing myself into a stop loss.

Only you can prevent tilt.

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