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Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Neteller Withdrawal Issues

So the day before Neteller cut off all US citizens, I got paid by the nice folks at for the ad they purchased on this page. They paid me in Full Tilt money, so I transferred money out of Full Tilt, including my monthly ad money from FTP, into Neteller.

Then I made a goof.

Instead of sticking that money onto my newly minted Neteller card, which takes about 15 minutes to transfer, I decided to save the $4 in handling fees and do an EFT into my bank account. I've done these before ever since I've had the Neteller account, without any issue.

Well, that was before everything went kablooey on Neteller last week. So I wait for my EFT, then I hear that some people are being told it might take 2-4 weeks to get the money. Not a huge issue, but it doesn't make any sense to me why transfers would take that long, unless there's a ginormous backlog. If they've simply lost their EFT service provider (or whatever), then my money should still be in my Neteller account, and if there's a transaction in process, then I should be able to cancel it and get my money back in my account and move it onto my NT card.

No such luck. The first nice man I spoke with was very polite, but also useless. So I waited a couple more days and called back tonight.

Now the nice lady tells me that there is in fact a ginormous backlog, and it may take 4-6 weeks to get transfers. It only takes about 3.6 minutes, however, for her to cancel my transaction and for me to move the money to my Neteller card. Looks like I'll be hitting an ATM tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

I"m in the same boat. It's a crock of BS!!!