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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Well, I woke up Sunday Morning...

With no way to hold my head, that didn't hurt...

Not so much because of drinking (although I'm man enough to admit that I have developed a taste for the Smirnoff Ice Wild Grape, which must be Radar O'Reilly approved, because those fuckers taste dangerously like Grape Nehi), but because our bed and pillows SUCK. Anybody got any experience with those memory foam mattress covers? I'm thinking about trying one of those before I drop the several hundy for a good new mattress and box spring set.

Anyway, when last we left our hero, he was heading off to a new 5/10 limit game in a local business park. This is the third of the underground games that I've played, and I like it quite a bit. The guy that runs the game is friendly, and yesterday had trays of Qdoba for everyone. Unfortunately there were only four of us that showed out of 8 confirmed, so we played short-handed mixed games for a couple hours til one guy (fortunately not me) went busto and we broke it up. But it was pleasant, bouncing from Hold Em to O8 to Razz and back for a couple hours. I lost $100, most of it by getting stooopid and chasing, which is where I always lose money, but it's no huge deal.

The same guy that runs the game is talking about a $220 HORSE tourney the first Saturday in February. If you're interested, lemme know and I'll get you the details.

No real interesting hands, just a lot of hitting in Hold Em and second best in O8, kinda my life. Last night was our weekly home game, also small since Uncle Phil was sick, Special K had family in town, E3 is in LA interviewing for a job, Twitch has moved and T's boyfriend put on his skirt and played the bitch "quality time" card at the last minute. Sack up and come play cards with your girlfriend, wuss.

Anyway, at some fucking point I found myself in for my 3rd $40 buy-in and trying to figure out what the fuck happened to the pile of chips I had early on. Then I remembered, my Queens got cracked and I missed a bunch of draws, then I ran AT into AK (called on every street, got no information) and needed another rebuy. Then my KK held up against Warbucks' QQ (that K on the river was just the insult to injury) and I caught a few other decent hands to finish the night down only $15. Brian, last weekend's host, finished the night the big winner, with most of us losing just a few bucks. It wasn't nearly the crazy game it has been in weeks past, probably because os the smaller numbers, but still a good time.


Gadzooks64 said...

I had a 2" memory foam topper from Sam's Club for years. Loved it.

Bought this one recently and it's even better and cheaper than the one at Sam's Club.

You will LOVE it. Oh, and get some foam pillows too and you'll never go back to the regular kind again.

Gadzooks64 said...

Crap, link didn't show.

Bedding/memory foam/serta 3"

Tcsparky said...

Glad you like the grape Nehi...I'll bring more of those this weekend. Since my BF doesn't read your blog, I'll have to leave the page open for him to see.