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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Neteller Revisited - It just keeps getting better

In case you are one of the people who think "it's all going to be alright, everything will work out in time," this is the front desk with your WAKE UP CALL!

Neteller has now stopped issuing Neteller cards and as of yesterday you could no longer USE your Neteller card in the US.

From -

How can I withdraw funds from my NETELLER account?

At this time, our ability to provide US members with withdrawals is significantly reduced. As a top priority, we are working to resolve all withdrawal issues, but in the meantime we continue to maintain these funds in trust on your behalf. Please check this page regularly for more updates.

Why can’t I use my Gold NETELLER Card anymore?

The Gold NETELLER Card is not available as a withdrawal option at this time.

We are doing our best to restore our withdrawal options but don't know how long this will take. In the meantime your funds are safely maintained in trust accounts. We will communicate any updates as soon as possible.

Why can’t I get a Gold NETELLER Card anymore?

We are temporarily not issuing Gold NETELLER Cards. The Gold NETELLER Card is not available as a withdrawal option at this time.

In essence - you can't get your money. Period. You can't move it onto another site and withdraw it from there. You can't get a bank transfer into your account. You can't put it onto your Neteller card and withdraw from your ATM.

But no, this isn't a time to make a dramatic statement to the poker sites. This is the time to hold hands, sing Kumbaya and wait for it all to "pass over."

WAKE UP. The only people with enough money to throw at this issue to get it resolved are the poker sites. The ones that made an estimated TWELVE BILLION (YES WITH A "B") DOLLARS last year. And about half of it came from US customers. But no, I certainly understand some people not wanting to take a stand and piss off the poker sites that you keep in business with your rake, even though they have only thrown a pitiful amount of money at this problem so far.

Why do I say they've only thrown a pitiful amount of money at the problem? Because it's true! Yeah, several sites have done events where the tourney fees go to the PPA. Congratulations, you played in an event where YOUR money went to the PPA. That money doesn't belong to the sites until YOU pay it in fees. Until then, it's YOUR money. So sites that donate juice to the PPA are a good start, but that's all it is, a beginning.

Join the boycott. Play no poker online or in a casino from Midnight February 8 - Midnight February 12. Show them you're serious. Force action from those with enough coin to affect actual change.

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