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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, January 15, 2007

WPBT Summer Classic 2007

So here's the deal so far. I'm just about idiot enough to have volunteered to organize this silliness. Fortunately, at the same time I was being struck ludicrous, RadioVegas decided that he was also insane, and volunteered to organize it as well. Being basically lazy by nature, and a couple thousand miles from RV, I said "let's do this silliness together."

So we are. I'm handling lodging, he's working to set up a tourney. That might not happen, what with that little WSOP-type thingy going on at the time, but I got's faith in our boy RV.

The Next WPBT Summer Classic will be June 6-10, 2007 in Las Vegas, NV. I hope those dates work for everyone. I know they won't. I'll miss you if they don't. We'll probably dial-a-shot you at least five times over the weekend. If you're in, please email me at johnhartness AT gmail DOT com as soon as possible so I can start making the list-thingy happen.

So here's my question - I know folks hate the Imperial Palace. And really, I don't blame you. But, what's the budget I should be looking at for a room night? The kind folks at the Rio have already responded with their offer of $175/night, which is frankly pretty damn good. But that's a little more than I'm up for, so I'm looking at other places more in the $100/night average.

So far, this is what I've got - Wed/TH/F/Sat

Stratosphere - $45/45/90/90

Monte Carlo - 79/89/149/179

Excalibur - 69/69/149/149

I'm leaning towards the Strat, but if there are other inexpensive places that aren't the IP that folks would prefer I look at, please let me know. I will also look at the IP, because they've frankly been not bad to us in the past.

I will also look at organizing some more of the loosely-structured happy hour type events at some different locations around the strip, since really, we're there to hang out anyway, and who gives a shit where we sleep?

So if you have opinions, share them. I may ignore them, but you'll feel good, because sharing is nice :).


katitude said...

June, eh? Crap. A mere week later and I'm done for the summer. It will be another lightening raid then, but I'm in.

doubleas said...

I'm going out to play in some events the following weekend 15-18th so I don't think I can make it out on the 5th-10th.

Hopefully I'll catch whoever is staying longer to cover the WSOP.

Huge Junk said...

I won't know until we get closer, but I'd say the Monte Carlo is a nice place to stay. Good location, nice rooms. You can set up the Excal, but I won't go there. Way too many better options for the same or less money, and they don't smell either.

And thanks for working to set it all up.

DadWarbucks said...

I stayed at the Gold Coast (across the street from Rio and Palms) and it was fine. Clean is the key.
AND the locals play there...
Just a suggestion

Mondogarage said...

eiInteresting timing. I was looking at going out around the 9th-10th or so, so that I can try my hand once at a $1500 NLHE while the Good Doctor Mondo plays the $1k Ladies event, so it could work...

As for hotels, I can second a vote for the Gold Coast. We used to have garage rock festivals there every other year, and you can't beat it for drunken Pai-Gow. However, I'm not sure they even have a proper poker room. At least I don't think they did the last time I was there in either '03 or '04. But great prices, they'll work a group deal, and it's next door to the Rio buffet.

Still dunno for sure if I'll make it, since I'm thinking of playing the Council Bluffs WSOP Circuit, and could lose my "big buy in BR" long before June...