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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Home Poker tragedy

No news, just my awful play last night. I hosted our weekly home game.

I was card dead.

I missed every draw for 5 hours. Not really, just every one where there was significant money involved.

I dropped two buyins and had to work to get my losses down to that.

I went on super-mega-uber-tilt when a friend who didn't know any better slowrolled me with the nuts and made an ass out of myself. Sorry, guys.

I did not allow myself to get out of the way of my ego and play good poker. That never ends well.

On a happy note, I ordered the beginnings of my new clay poker chip set from Nevada Jacks this week. I'm starting with Quarters, since they were in stock and just about exactly matched the amount of Poker Source Online gift certificates I had. I'll be slowly building up to a 500-piece cash game set in clays over the next few months. The Nevada Jacks chips are absolutely beautiful, but they do come with the premium price tag that clay chips carry.

So if anybody wants to buy 100 Limited Edition Grey Nevada Jacks 25-cent chips (Skulls) and 200 Orange Nevada Jacks 50-cent chips (Skulls), lemme know.


briangre said...

Hate to hear I missed the excitement. :)

David said...

I had the same thing last time I visited Vegas. I lost a lot of money there. I swore not to get near a casino but it was just a wish. a month later I joined 888 vip club and got $1000 free casino bonus - which I lost immediately of course in a poker game. Am I addicted?

Chris said...

I'd be interested in the Gray .25 Skulls.