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Returning the Favor
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Thursday, January 04, 2007

More Wesley in '07!

No, not Crusher (sorry, Wil). This guy gets my nod as the first official Fucking Superhero of 2007. While we're doing our little quizzes to see what dork in tights we're most like (and how exactly does that flawed piece of code peg me as Spiderman? I'm so taking a do-over on that quiz), this guy is the real deal.

From the NY Post -

January 3, 2007 -- A hero construction worker left his two young daughters on a Harlem subway platform and leaped into the path of an oncoming train yesterday to rescue a stranger who had fallen on the tracks.

"Tell my little girls that Daddy is OK!" Wesley Autrey shouted from under the No. 1 train after it screeched to a halt. It was just inches above him and the film student he pushed into the trough between the tracks.

Amazingly, neither Autrey nor the man he saved, 20-year-old Cameron Hollopeter, was seriously injured, even though the train grazed the construction worker's wool cap.

Read the rest here.

Really, my hat's off to the guy, and not just because his got wrecked. He did something without thinking for someone he'd never met that coulda got himself killed. We expect, and require that kind of sacrifice from soldiers and cops, but it's a little above and beyond for the average construction worker.

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