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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Home Game HiJinks

Last night was our almost-weekly home game, and attendance was pretty good. I started things off with what I thought would be a quick tourney, $20 + $5 bounty, unlimited rebuys for the first hour. Started the blinds off at $1/2 and everyone started with $100 in chips. It went pretty well, we had almost one rebuy per person (I helped, since I did two rebuys!), and top three paid.

Next time we'll do 15 minute levels, and drop the time to 10 minutes once we get into the money. It lasted a little longer than I expected, so we'll shift it around a little bit next time. Everybody seemed to have a good time, and as usual, I rebought more than anyone else. But I also busted three people and finished third, so I was able to show a small profit even with the rebuys. Special K came in second, and Warbucks took first, after solid play throughout. Both those guys played very well throughout the tournament, and they were the ones that never had to rebuy, proving that it's not a requirement to rebuy to do well in a rebuy tourney. I also did not offer add-ons and you had to be busto to rebuy, so that made a difference. I don't really remember my second bustout, but one of my rebuys was due to set-over-set against Tresa, and I'm probably going broke there every time, so I didn't feel bad busting there.

Then the cash game craziness ensued, and an absolutely inordinate number of full houses were on display, usually by Nate, and usually on the river. And usually when either Brian or I were all in on the turn. It wasn't pretty. It was bad enough flopping middle set to Tresa's top set early in the night, but when Nate hit his two-outer on the river to make his third full house of the hour, I was in for buy-in #2.

I looked over at Special K and said "gimme my fuckin' hat." He reached over to the mantle, handed me my Full Tilt ball cap, and I started my comeback.

And for a change, that's exactly how things worked out. I ended up jamming all $40 into the middle preflop against Warbucks on the very next hand with AJd against his 99. I didn't really expect to end up in that position, but the action went something like this. It's $.25/.50 NL, and I'm in late position (we're six-handed). I pop it to $4 preflop, and Warbuck raises me another $10. I read this as a medium steal attempt, since he knows I'm on a bit of tilt, so I figure I can push him off of most hands here. Medium pocket pairs are a coin flip, and anything really big he likely wouldn't have reraised, wanting to get more money out of me on the flop.

So the likeliest hand here is 55-JJ (most of the time I'd say up to TT, but we all hate pocket Jacks in our home game). I'm at worst a coin flip to any of those hands, but I also don't expect Jim to call another $25 preflop with them.

He does, I hit a Jack on the flop to crack his nines, and I'm off to the races. I pick up a buttload of big hands in the next half hour or so, AT suited, AQ suited, QQ and the like, and build my stack up fairly well. It didn't hurt that I turned a two-outer against Tresa to crack her AA with my KK in a big hand where we got all the money in preflop (I'm still not good enough to lay down KK preflop). I snapped Nate off a couple of times after I figured out what denomination his middle pair bet is tonight (there's always a certain number that he bets with middle pair, which is less than he bets with bottom pair, but it changes from week to week. If you can weather the storms until you figure out what this week's magic number is, he becomes your ATM. It's just tough to weather those storms.), and catch a couple of big draws to cash out up about $60 from the little cash game.

I've almost erased my month's losses, I'm only about $200 in the hole for January. If I count sports bets, I'm down less than $100, thanks to a good parlay last weekend. Would'v erased all my losses this weekend, but I could NEVER believe the Bears would pull that shit out. Thanks to all the folks who have popped in here for the first time after seeing the link on the Poker Player's Alliance site, or Pocket Fives or the CardPlayer forum. Hope you like what I've got to say and can stick around for a little while.

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