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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Saturday, January 06, 2007

HP Scavenger Hunt

So this is kinda neat - HP has taken a pile of photos using their HP camera, sent it through their Digital Photo Printing, cut it up into 30 pieces, and scattered those pieces all across the interweb in a scavenger hunt. The first person to destroy their workplace productivity (phrase TM the midget pocahontas) gets $1,000! Pretty nifty. I also think it's nifty that they're paying me a little coin to tell you about this.

Yep, this post is totally sponsored by HP, HP cameras and their technology for Digital Photo Printing.

So take a look at the photo below and use your interweb sluething powers to find the rest of the pieces, and snag yourself the chance at $1,000!

I've also got an announcement coming soon. No, I didn't join the Pokerworks blogging assemblage, I already write there! But it is another chance for you to read more of my scribbling, and for someone to throw me a little more coin to do so.

Just what you always wanted, MORE me.

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