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Friday, January 12, 2007

Neat new DVD rental thingy

This is a sponsored post.

DVD Play is kinda like a soda machine for movies. You go up to the machine, put in your debit or credit card, make your selection, and out comes the movie! No forms, applications, or annoying recommendations from the dorky kid behind the counter who actually understands Merchant Ivory flicks, and debates the relative greatness of the four-disc Lord of the Rings releases against that of the paltry two-disc versions.

It's a neat kiosk for DVD rentals, something that I can totally see taking off (really, no pun intended) in airports. I'm forever running out of books or movies on trips, and the ability to pick up a movie on my outbound flight and return on my homeleg would be something I'd be totally into. I can also see it anyplace where you go a lot, like the grocery store or your corner gas station. As long as I don't have to count on the clerk for any scratched disc issues, that should be golden.

Pretty cool, I think.

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Jason Hart said...

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